WE ARE CVA | The Junction

“Speed and space” is a common mantra within the grain industry, and it’s a serious investment when providing that for area farmers. Looking at what the members of Central Valley Ag needed now, and looking forward to what they will need in the future, CVA built a new grain facility north of Linn, Kan., to give them plenty of speed, space and markets – everything a farmer needs to grow.

Located at the intersection of highway 15 and 148 in Washington County, Kan., sits a brand new $10.6 million-dollar grain facility built with the producers’ needs in mind. 

“Speed and space is key. Farmers are getting faster; nothing is slowing down. Bigger equipment. Bigger everything,” said Rusty Morehead, CVA regional operations manager. “We’ve realized we needed to start making some changes where we can take care of the producer the way that we need to be taking care of them.”

The Junction, named for its location at the junction of two highways, has a total capacity of 3.6-million-bushel storage that consists of 2.1 million in steel upright and 1.5 million in bunker space. The total handling capacity is 65,000 bushel per hour.  READ MORE