Ag Input Financing Program

2023 Finance Options

CVA is excited to offer member-owners valuable financing options for the 2023 growing year. These options include the $ FOR $ CVA Elite Financing Option, which offers 0% Fixed Interest Rate Financing for your 2023 Seed and matching 0% Fixed Interest Rate Financing for Crop Protection. 

Our lineup of financing options is designed with the success of your operation in mind. 

Program Benefits

  • Locks-in input costs to maximize income potential and reduce risk

  • Improves security of product supply

  • Secures a confidential source of payment for input products and services

  • Presents a comprehensive agronomic relationship to complement your operation

  • Offers early payment without penalty

  • Saves time with convenient one-stop source for all your input needs

Program Details

$ For $ CVA ELITE Financing for Seed and Crop Protection 

  • For every dollar of Seed and Seed Treatment you finance at 0% Fixed Interest Rate Financing, you receive a dollar of Crop Protection also financed at 0% Fixed Interest Rate Financing until November 30, 2023, then 10.50% variable interest rate until loan maturity January 15, 2024. 
    • CVA GO EARLY Seed Commitment Agreement signed by October 14, 2022
    • Crop protection products must be booked before January 15, 2023
    • Any dollars of Crop Protection that exceed the initial $ FOR $ qualification amount will be financed at 9.25% Variable Rate Interest Rate until November 30, 2023 then 10.50% Variable Interest Rate for Ag Inputs purchased from CVA until loan maturity January 15, 2024. 

0% or 1.9% Seed (based on qualifying seed purchases) 

  • 0% or 1.9% Fixed Interest Rate for seed and seed treatment purchases until November 30, 2023 then 10.50% Variable Interest Rate from December 1, 2023 until January 15, 2024. 
    • 0% Fixed Interest Rate is based upon qualifying seed purchases AND seed commitment deadline of October 14, 2022
    • Deadline for the 1.9% Fixed Interest Rate application is April 30, 2023. 

Ag Input

  • 9.25% Variable Rate for all other Ag Inputs until November 30, 2022 then 10.50% Variable Interest Rate purchased from CVA until loan maturity January 15, 2024. 
    • Deadline for application is April 30, 2023
    • Lock-in input costs and no early payment penalty 
  • Program can be used for:
    • Fertilizer
    • Crop Protection
    • Custom Application
    • Precision Ag Services
    • Energy
    • Seed and Seed Treatment


* After November 30, 2022 the interests rate will be CVA Advantage Rate -.75%  variable rate (subject to change). * Loan Fee is $250.  *Variable interest rate based on CFA Advantage Rate.  CFA Advantage Rate is published at Central Valley Ag and The Cooperative Finance Association are making special financing programs available to you for each crop year. These special rates are only available for products and services provided by Central Valley Ag.  

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