Herbicide Challenges

Apr 22, 2021


Start clean, stay clean! It’s time to talk Herbicide Challenges. This month the agronomy experts at Central Valley Ag discuss keeping your fields clean. Josh Beckman, Field Sales Agronomist in Humphrey, NE joins Tim Mundorf, CVA Nutrient Management Lead in this month’s Agronomy Focus video. It’s that time of the year again to get the sprayers out! Time to get a pre-emerge done and put the plans in action. As far as pre-emerge spray, CVA has a couple of new products; CVA Elite Adjuvants. These products are extremely important, because we’re going out there spending a lot more money on our herbicide, and the adjuvants are there to help us make that herbicide more effective. Just getting it where it needs to go. If you can spend a few more bucks an acre to get the reassurance, it’s a very good investment. A common saying is “start clean, stay clean” and that’s what we preach to our growers more than anything. It’s so important to work with your Field Sales Agronomist to get a plan in place with multiple modes of action so we keep these fields clean. Especially in our post-application to keep that field clean throughout the year.

Want more? Hear Josh and Tim have a deeper conversation about herbicides in Season 3, Episode 2 of the SOIL TALK podcast. CVA Conservation Agronomist, Aaron Sindelar also joins in.