Retail Fuel Sites are Upgraded

Jeff Ingalls

Sep 19, 2022

CVA Fuel Site

Retail Fuel Site changes are happening! You may have noticed over the past few months that the pedestals have been updated at our sites without card readers in the pump. While these upgrades have not been without a few bumps, the reliability of the system is starting to show already. Now that all the pedestals have been upgraded, we have moved on to updating the sites with card readers in the pump. A Passport system will be installed at all these sites. You will continue to use the same CVA Fuel Cards you have in the past and they will work at both Passport and Gasboy pedestal sites.

All these sites will have new EMV Card Readers or the chip technology. Like we experienced with Gasboy, the pump activation process will change slightly. If you use a credit card, it will work similarly to the way credit cards work inside a store, you will need to leave the card inserted instead of just swiping it. There will be instructions on the screen, if the customer follows them, there should not be any issues.

CVA Fuel Cards will work similarly to how they do now but with a few exceptions. Customers that get dyed diesel at our pumps will notice the price will include all road taxes. Why? CVA must have a tax form on file for each customer that gets dyed diesel, we have no way to track it when a credit card is used and will be liable for the tax. If a CVA Fuel Card is used and we have a tax form on file, the price will be adjusted to the non-tax price when it is imported into Merchant Ag. If a credit card is used, they will pay the full price. This will only be implemented at Passport sites, Gasboy pedestals sites will stay as they are.

Another change is the way discounts or tax-exempt government entities prices will show on the pump or receipts. The receipt and pumps will show the full price for the product but will be adjusted to the correct price prior to importing into the Merchant Ag accounting system.

While we have had to make some adjustments to our processes and procedures, the functionality and need to become compliant with the credit card security was necessary. Our goal is to make the customer facing experience better and bring some new features to them, this new system will allow us to do this in the future. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

CVA Fuel Site

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