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Caring for Horses during Winter Months

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With the winter months quickly approaching how should owners prepare their horses to handle the cold and meet their nutritional requirements? A good place to start is doing a body condition score. Horses at a 5 or 6 BCS have the extra cover over their ribs and are in ideal condition going into winter. If […]

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What is in a Stover Bale?


What’s in a stover bale? from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. It is an inevitable question that we as Agronomist answer every fall; “What am I doing when I remove crop residue?” It is an incredibly strait forward question that has more layers to it than an onion. There are the soil health aspects, nutrient […]

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Latest News

CVA Receives Top Ten CFA Award

(York, NE) Central Valley Ag (CVA) was recently recognized by The Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) as a leader in using the Input Finance Program for the 2017 crop year within the CFA member base. Chuck Bibb, CFA Customer Relationships Manager, presented the 2017 award to Peggy Hopwood, CVA SVP of Member Services. For the 2017 […]

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Annual Meeting 2017

CVA Board Chairman Dave Beckman addresses the attendees of CVA’s Annual Meeting. (York, NE) –Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) recently hosted their Annual Meeting for member-owners to review the fiscal year. CVA reported $21.7 Million in Total Profit for fiscal year 2017 ending on August 31, 2017. “We are proud of the way our Cooperative […]

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