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K is for Complication

Periodic table detail for the elements Potassium and Calcium. Image uses an altered public domain periodic table as the source document. Part of a series covering all the elements

K is for Complicated from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. This will come as no surprise to all the regular followers out there; I have a fascination with Nitrogen. The journey with Nitrogen has lead me to curiosity with Potassium due to the relationship and interaction between these two nutrients. What I learned is, available […]

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The Crusting Conundrum!


The Crusting Conundrum from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. As this growing season continues to progress, we continue to see the effects of a challenging spring on a daily basis. Some things are obvious like weed control, plant height, stand consistency and so on. Others are harder to identify. Things like rooting problems, the movement […]

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CVA|Farmway Announce Merger

Farmway Co-op, Inc. (Farmway) membership votes to approve unification with Central Valley Ag (CVA). After a series of 13 informational voting sessions, accounting firm K-COE ISOM certified the owners of Farmway approved the merger with CVA by a super majority of 91%. The unified cooperative will retain the Central Valley Ag name and be headquartered […]

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CVA Farmway Unification Information

Farmway Concordia, KS ¬†Click to read CVA | Farmway Unification Newsletter¬† WHY WOULD FARMWAY & CVA CONSIDER UNIFICATION? Both Farmway and CVA place a heavy emphasis on bringing value to their customers/members. Both cooperatives feel that combining resources will offer an opportunity to increase the value for their respective members and allow them to better […]

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