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Your Cost of Production for Next Years Crop


If you’ve had a chance to speak with a member of the ProEdge team lately, one of the most popular questions they may have been asking is “do you have a good idea of what your costs of production look like for this next year’s crop?”  This question may be one of the most important […]

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Time to Debunk


ReachOut: Time to Debunk from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. You’ve been told a lie. It’s a lie that didn’t start as a lie. It started as a pretty good idea actually, based upon the research and thinking of the time. But the research has evolved and so has the thinking. Yet this idea still […]

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Central Valley Ag Makes Investment for Kansas Member-Owners

We are excited to share with you that Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) has purchased a percentage of the Concordia Grain Terminal in Concordia, Kansas and will be joining AgMark Grain Marketing LLC. Concordia Terminal LLC partners are Cloud County Coop of Concordia Kansas, Farmway Coop of Beloit Kansas and Randall Farmers Union Coop of […]

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