Happy Harvest!

As you enter this harvest, please remind yourself and those around you that the key to a safe and productive harvest is to listen to your safety conscience. 

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Putting the Pieces Together


ReachOut: Putting the Pieces Together from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo. I spent some time in a neighboring state a few weeks ago and got the opportunity to see firsthand the issues facing that state when it comes to Nitrogen. We hear a lot about how as an industry we need to find a way […]

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Question and Answer

EDIT_MAO1518 copy

Q: How do I go about selecting the correct soybean maturity?  When my seed dealer talks about a mid-group three to a late group four I get confused about what that means. A: Another great question.  The numbers that your dealer is giving you refer to maturity range (adapted to your particular area).  Like corn, the […]

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Latest News

Central Valley Ag, Farmers Cooperative and South Dakota Wheat Growers form Consolidated Ag Solutions, Inc.

Central Valley Ag (CVA) at York, NE and Farmers Cooperative (FC) at Ames, IA and South Dakota Wheat Growers (WG) at Aberdeen, SD have developed an innovative Cooperative to bring new opportunities to the three cooperatives and their member-owners; Consolidated Ag Solutions Cooperative, Inc. (CAS). CAS will be a Cooperative where collaboration comes together from each cooperative. This […]

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Local FFA Lends A Helping Hand

Last week you may have noticed a change of scenery throughout the Oakland countryside. Central Valley Ag and Monsanto recruited Oakland-Craig FFA Students to put up over 200 field signs. Students who participated included Josh King, Tyler Weitzenkamp, Olivia Bures, Cody Mallette, Natalie Dixon, Paige Stammer and Elizabeth Moseman. As a reward for their hard work CVA […]

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