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Minerals Options and CVA Spring Promotion

April 13, 2020

With the warmer temperatures and much needed sunshine, the grass is starting to turn green and the flies have reappeared. Like many of you, I start thinking about getting cattle out to pasture and my fly control needs moving forward. Now is a great time to take advantage of our CVA spring mineral promotion running through May 30, 2020. For every 2 to 4.99 ton of combined mineral purchases, a producer will receive a 5qt personal cooler. And for a purchase of 5 ton or more of mineral, a producer will receive a pair of muck or dryshod boots. We are also offering free fecal sampling to producers who have 150 head or more of cattle through our partner Merck Animal Health. For our horse and dog owners, we offer a frequent buyer program on Purina horse feed and Exclusive Dog Foods.

Hi mag minerals are suggested mineral options 3 weeks prior to turn out on lush green pastures and should be fed an additional 3 weeks once on grass to help prevent grass tetany. Grass tetany occurs when there is a low level of magnesium in the blood. It primarily affects mature cows nursing young calves, but can affect young cows and growing calves, too. High nitrogen fertilization reduces magnesium availability then causing grass tetany.  Grass tetany can be fatal if not treated right away. So if you notice signs of incoordination, contact your vet immediately.

Fly control feed options should be started as early as now. April 15 is a date I normally work around depending on what type of year we are having. Insect growth regulators pass through the animal and into the manure where horn flies lay eggs. There, the Horn fly cycle is broken and pupae are prevented from growing into adult biting horn flies. Adult horn flies live 2-4 weeks which is why we start early and feed until the first hard frost in the fall. Central Life Sciences claims in 40 years of Altosid being on the market, there are no signs of insect resistance and the fly numbers on a good program will get the fly population down to or below 200 flies per cow.

Deworming is often an overlooked piece in a cattle program and Merck Animal Health is working with our sales team to provide free fecal exams for cowherds over 150 head. How this works: Now through May 15, 2020, we can collect and submit the samples. Merck sends results back and we determine a plan of action to deworm the herd using Merck’s Safeguard dewormer option of your choice. Then, we will resubmit samples after deworming to show the added benefit deworming can bring to a herd.

Hi mag and fly control minerals can be bought together or separate in bag or tub options to fit any operation’s needs. I encourage producers to contact your local CVA feed specialist with any questions or to learn more about our spring promotion, free fecal sampling with Merck Animal Health, and frequent buyer programs. You may also contact me at
by Brandi Salestrom
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