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The Central Valley Ag Agronomy Division is a leader in providing the most advanced, innovative solutions that yield profit. Through research and development, our agronomists can assist you in sifting through the countless options available and provide focus for the best yield-enhancing opportunities for your farm.
Our dynamic duo of Research & Development (RD) and Advanced Cropping Systems (ACS) are positioned to help you select the best products and management strategies for you to assess on your fields.

Cooperative Spirit

We strive to provide profitable solutions for your farming operation. We value your business and hope to bring value through the products and services we can provide you with, from precision technologies to basic product information. We have chemical programs that we feel will fit your specific needs and provide full-service backing at affordable prices, along with technical information on plant development, diseases, and insects. 

Agronomy Blog

Water Water Everywhere

Water Water Everywhere...

Today is one of those divisive times where I am speaking to a subset of you instead of the whole group. We have had some major rainfall events in portions of the Midwest over the last few weeks. This...

Sep 13, 2018
More Bang for Our Buck

More Bang for Our Buck...

Every year at this time, I know that you take on an operational focus. I do the exact same thing. But, while we are worried about the business at hand, you know, how full is bin 3? What is the...

Sep 06, 2018
Changing with the Times

Changing with the Times...

Every year about this time, I implore you all to make preparations for harvest. In the past, I have talked about the yield monitor components, the combine components, and the calibration procedures...

Aug 31, 2018
Agriculture's PR Problem

Agriculture's PR Problem...

If your livelihood is Agriculture, then the ruling on Glyphosate last week affects you. Monsanto’s public relations nightmare is our public relations nightmare. In the eye of many American...

Aug 23, 2018

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Advanced Cropping Systems

Advanced Cropping Systems provides you with the latest advances in agricultural technologies"  Sorting through the plethora of services and information to bring you the most profitable options. ACS tailors to each customer, because “One Size Does Not Fit All.” Whether you are new to these technologies or an experienced user, we have dedicated and educated employees ready to assist you. Let ACS be your partner in precision agriculture.

2015 Precision Impact Award Winner
On December 4, 2015, Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) was awarded the Precision Impact Award at the Agricultural Retails Association (ARA) Conference. A total of three national awards were given out, CVA was selected to receive the award for the Plains-West Region.

2018 Most Valuable Dealership Award
Central Valley Ag (CVA) has been honored by Precision Farming Dealer as the 2018 recipient of its 6th annual Most Valuable Dealership award.

An independent panel of judges evaluated each of the 27 dealership nominees on precision farming sales growth and diversity, along with how each nominee generates revenue from hardware, software and precision service. The judges also analyzed less quantifiable elements that define the best precision farming dealership, such as employee training, performance standards, innovation, sustainability and community involvement.

CVA marks the third time a farm cooperative has captured the honor.


Central Valley Ag is helping customers achieve success with technology and innovation through a closer relationship with their trusted advisor. We believe that meaningful, productive change- solving problems- only comes by looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising curiosity. FieldReveal utilizes multi-dimensional data layers to minimize guesswork and maximize results at harvest. This intuitive, cloud-based technology platform has proven its worth to growers since 1997.  You can be confident it will deliver unique value to your farm.

Connects growers, agronomists, crop consultants, dispatchers, soil testers, applicators and everyone else

Better Data. Better Decisions.
FieldReveal connects agronomists, applicators, and growers, providing integrated data that helps you make more informed decisions.

Quick and Easy to Use
FieldReveal makes it easier for agronomists and growers without a team of precision ag specialist to view soil samples, write nutrient & seed prescriptions, share files, print reports, view maps and track field activity.

Discover the difference
Geo-referenced, multi-layer sampling improves the effectiveness of fertility management, plant nutrition, and seeding strategies.


  • Unmatched Service and Support
  • Tailored to Individual Customer Needs
  • Efficiency with GCO, Work Orders, and Central Dispatch
  • ACS Equipment Opportunities
  • Grower Data Access
  • Multiple APIs Available (Climate, R7, Etc.)
  • Industry-wide Collaboration

RD Program


In today’s agricultural environment, farmers are inundated with a myriad of information and offers to try new products and encouragement to adopt new practices. The agronomic landscape is changing so fast that farmers may find it difficult to keep abreast with ever changing information. That’s where the RD Program can assist you in sifting through the countless options available and provide focus for the best yield-enhancing opportunities for your farm.

2017 Innovation Series Results

It All Starts With The Seed

We want to incorporate the latest technology, along with advanced discoveries to support and strengthen your on-the-farm success while staying mindful of the sustainability of your operation for generations to come.

We understand that seed is only one decision you make throughout the growing season, but we believe it is the decision on which every other aspect of your cropping plan revolves around. Whether it is planting date, fertility management, crop protection programs, plant health treatments, or harvest timing; achieving success starts with your unique goals and continues through making the seed selection that best fits your agronomic environments and management decisions.

Your Agronomy team at Central Valley Ag strives every day to help you optimize your farm investment. We are committed to delivering you the best value in whole-farm agronomic planning, supplies, services, and support to continue earning your business in the future.

Not every hybrid or variety out there makes it in here. Central Valley Ag has a seed selection process in place that makes it easier for you to improve yield and minimize risk on the acres you plant.

By applying our knowledge of local growing conditions, we have pre-selected only the best seed choices based on:
  • Yield Potential
  • Trait Diversity
  • Consistent Performance
  • Field-Proven Technology
Further enhancing your potential for improved yields at harvest is our personal, on-the-farm involvement that includes:
  • Comprehensive Field Planning
  • Expert Seed Selection Advice
  • Season-Long Management
  • Full Season Agronomic Support

It goes without saying that every seed selection you make is a business decision. That is why we have made it our business to make it easier for you to decide how you want to grow yours.

Agronomy Locations

Agronomy Locations