Central Valley Ag Energy Division

Central Valley Ag is your one-stop-shop for all of your energy needs. Our energy division offers a complete line of refined and renewable fuels, propane and lubricants. You can count on us for quality energy products right along with superior customer service.

Our CEO, Carl Dickinson said it best, “If your family owned a shoe store, where would you go when your daughter needs a new pair of shoes?” Fill up your vehicles at CVA whenever possible, it’s a great way to support your cooperative. CVA has cardtrol locations in place throughout our territory, where you can conveniently fill up 24-hours a day. All you needs is a CVA cardtrol card or any major credit card.

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Email or contact your area team at:

  • Iowa Energy Team | 712.546.6382
  • Kansas Energy Team | 785.392.3031
  • Nebraska Energy Team | 402.362.8434

How Can We Help You?

If you need a CVA account, we would like to make it easier for you.  Below are links to credit applications by state.  

Already a CVA Customer? Simply fill out these forms to request energy services or a fuel card. 

Bulk Delivery – Lubricants and Fuel

From tubes of grease, to oil for your four-wheeler, we have all products to keep your truck, car, combine, tractor, semi, ATV, or any other piece of equipment properly lubricated with the highest quality product that you can find. We choose not to sell standard quality items that you find at most competitor locations. We take pride in the products we offer and know that you are using what we consider to be the best if you take advantage of our line of lubricants. From the quart to the hundreds of gallons of bulk oil in our warehouse, we are sure to find the right product for you. CVA offers delivery on every lube product we sell. For sizeable quantities, we will bring it directly to your farm or business location.

Fuel Tanks have moved closer to the ground and become larger in size. To make sure that you have your fuel stored in a fashion that is convenient to you, we offer sales and lease programs for many styles of refined fuel tanks. In addition to the tank, we also inventory and sell all the dispensing components to get the fuel from the tank to your vehicle/equipment in a safe and convenient fashion.

Predicting what your fuel usage will be, and knowing when you need a delivery, is not an easy task for most fuel users. With technology advances, we have been able to find more efficient ways to monitor tank levels than simply looking at the hard-to-read gauge located on the tank. Fuel monitors allow the supplier to know their customer tank levels on a daily basis and offer the ability to provide services above and beyond the simple delivery of the product. Contact your Energy Team today to learn more.

CVA Fuel Cards

CVA Fuel Cards have a built-in discount at the pump at all CVA fueling sites for customers with an approved credit application.

CVA Fuel Card Benefits include:
–         Built-in discount at the pump
–         Accepted now at 51 CVA fueling sites across Nebraska and Kansas – Click here for listing. 
–         E-receipts available on every transaction with setup request 
–         Consolidate payments to one monthly statement
–         Prepaid Fuel Gift Cards also available
Already have a CVA Account, but don’t have a CVA Fuel Card? Send your request online by filling out the CVA Fuel Card Request Form. 
New to CVA? Click here to start the process.
Other questions? Call 1-844-327-6929 today. We'd love to hear from you. 

Cardtrol Locations


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