CVA offers Fuel Cards

October 3, 2018
Struggling to remember to get fuel when you travel to the big city?  Wish you didn’t have to fight the traffic and the people at traditional big convenience stores?  Wondering where you are going to fuel up when you go to the high school ball game?  CVA has your answer!

One of the overlooked offerings that CVA provides to our rural communities is retail fuel service.  Open twenty-four hours a day, CVA currently has nearly fifty locations that serve the towns our members reside in.  Whether you own one or more vehicles, farm or construction equipment, or several large duty trucks, we have locations that can provide you the fuel you need, as well as easy access to the proper dispenser you need.

Even though all major credit cards are accepted at CVA fueling locations, the CVA fueling card offers our customers many additional benefits.  Monthly billing on a single statement outlining your usage by card is available.  We also have the feature of setting limits on what products can be used, providing security with a PIN, what times they are active, and how many gallons can be dispensed at a time.  Although you may not have a use for all these features, many of them can be utilized for our wide range of customers.

For Diesel users, we offer Premium CHS diesel products at most of our locations, both for the farm or for the road.  We take great pride in providing a high-quality diesel product for today’s engines that operate under high heat and low tolerance conditions.  The cold temperatures are also compensated for at our locations by providing blended diesel, versus the simple additives most of our competitors try to force you to use.

To view a map of our locations, please visit our Energy page. For a printable map or list of our locations, please click for the NEBRASKA sites and for the KANSAS sites. You will see that we service most of our territory in Kansas and Nebraska with fuel outlets.

If you are a current CVA customer, obtaining a fueling card is easy with a simple online request at If you need to establish an account with CVA, that can also be done online at

Please call any of our CVA offices for more information on how a CVA fueling card can fit your needs. 
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