When it comes to soil fertility, there are a lot of voices out there telling growers how to manage their soil. Academia, government bodies, industry experts and manufacturers. SOIL TALK is going to unify all of that knowledge to provide some clarity and understanding. Most growers don’t have time to dedicate to days of training at educational meetings, so we put together a podcast, where you can join the conversation from the tractor, pickup, office or wherever you may be. If you are listening on Apple Podcasts, don't forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button to make sure you are notified when a new episode is released. On Spotify, click the FOLLOW button, and on SoundCloud click the LIKE button. Want to be the first to listen? Click here to sign up for our Agronomy Email list today.



our SOIL TALK host is the Nutrient Management Lead at CVA, helping crop and livestock producers better manage manure nutrients and soil fertility while limiting environmental concerns. His goal is to make sure that livestock manure is treated as a fertilizer source & is used responsibly by CVA customers as part of an overall fertility program aimed at maximizing both crop yield and profitability.


SOIL TALK will bring in a variety of guests to join Tim Mundorf in discussing soil fertility. These guests will talk about how we can understand our soil to make improvements and increase our profit in the field. CVA will continue to bring in partners to join the conversation, those who have already shared their knowledge on SOIL TALK include; 

  • Mike Zwingman, Verdesian Life Sciences Technical Development Manager
  • Neil Schumacher, CVA Lead Agronomist
  • Mick Goedeken, CVA Innovation Specialist

EPISODE 16 | Mick and Tim sit down with Marie Krausnick and Dan Leininger with the Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District to talk CVA and the NRD’s roles in maximizing nitrogen use efficiency.  They discuss their approaches to minimize nitrate leaching loss and we discuss using cover crops, nitrification inhibitors and split application of N to maximize the N we can get into our crops while minimizing what we lose into our groundwater.

EPISODE 15 | Last week on SOIL TALK, we talked about Grid Sampling and the impact that can make on your fields. This week we are going to turn the tables and discuss the information you could be receiving through Zone Sampling! Get in contact with your Field Sales Agronomist to see how this can be a benefit to your operation!

EPISODE 14 | It all comes back to the basics. With precision ag we look at a lot of information but that basic building block is still a solid grid sample, that is full of information about the land you grow.

EPISODE 13 | On this Episode of SOIL TALK, we are taking a more in-depth look into Starter Fertilizer. How to apply it, and which products make sense for the benefit of a small plant while protecting germination and plant establishment. What nutrients should we consider in a starter fertilizer?   Does it make sense to apply starters in furrow or is some other placement option a better choice?  

EPISODE 12 | Did you miss the ACS Innovation Series? Do you want more information on the products we tested and what we recommend? Then this is the episode for you! SOIL TALK takes you through the Innovation Series and explains what we are seeing in the plots.

EPISODE 11 | Throughout the past 10 episodes of SOIL TALK, we have discussed individual nutrients, different fertility programs, and how we make our recommendations. Now we have the opportunity to apply these topics at our ACS Innovation Series. On this episode, we will talk about soil fertility and how we see it in the individual plots. Stay tuned to learn more!

EPISODE 10 | Now on SOIL TALK, we are going to get into micronutrients on their own. Everyone tends to throw everything under one umbrella, but we have a priority list of what we like to see in corn and beans. Stay tuned to learn more! 

EPISODE 9 | This time on SOIL TALK, we are going to go to the other side of pH and talk about low pH with our guest Mick Goedeken, Innovation Specialist with Central Valley Ag. We will discuss what low pH is and how we recommend to correct it for the short term and long term goals on your farm.

EPISODE 8 | In this episode, the discussion is all about pH, and its importance in the grand scheme of things. pH can be misunderstood because it's not a nutrient. However, it impacts so many, if not all, of the other nutrients. Listen to learn more about how pH affects your crops.

EPISODE 7 | In this episode the discussion revolves around plant tissue sampling, and how it can have an impact on your farming operation. Tim and guest Mick Goedeken, CVA Innovation Specialist, also talk about foliar fertilizer and how it can have an effect on your yields this year.

EPISODE 6 | In this episode Keith & Tim are joined by Neil Schumacher to discuss Sulfur. Why do we care about Sulfur now? Sulfur was largely ignored for years, but that is no longer the case.

EPISODE 5 | If there is a nutrient that we need to continue learning about, it’s Potassium. Join us to get to talk about the challenges that come with K.

EPISODE 4 | Today we switch gears and talk about phosphorus. Phosphorus is an entirely different animal from nitrogen. The way we apply it, the forms, the timing and ability to build our levels to rely on it to feed our crop. So, let’s dig into our recommendations and how we handle P.

EPISODE 3 | We discuss split application and the things we are doing to be more efficient with our nitrogen application, inhibitors and the models that exist to help us make decisions on the rate.

SPECIAL FLOOD EPISODE | We discuss some of the after-effects of the flooding that covered quite a bit of CVA's territory. We have fields that have been underwater for several days or weeks. We have fields that had a high velocity of water run across them for a short duration. We have erosion. We have deposits of silt and residue. Growers will face many challenges in the coming season as a result.

EPISODE 2 | It's time to discuss the nitrogen equation and specifically get into the various parts of it and why there is such a difference in dialogue between the different entities like states, farmers, and agronomist when we talk about the nitrogen equation.

EPISODE 1 | We will begin our conversation on nutrients and classifying them in order of importance and then we will dive into nitrogen. We will go over how we categorize the importance of the nutrients and if that importance or categorization lines up with the budget on the field and on the farm.

INTRODUCTION EPISODE | In this introduction episode get to know more about Keith and Tim, and find out what to expect throughout the SOIL TALK podcast series.



If you would like to contact the hosts, please email: info@cvacoop.com.