Welcome to CVA Grain Exchange podcast. This is your host Luke Beckman, Grain Sales Manager for CVA. During this podcast, we dissect the latest USDA updates and discuss other key market features. Every month you will hear from different members of the CVA Grain Team on what trends we are seeing in the market place and solutions to current marketing challenges. If you are listening on Apple Podcasts, don't forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button to make sure you are notified when a new episode is released. On Spotify, click the FOLLOW button, and on SoundCloud click the LIKE button. Want to be the first to listen? Click here to sign up for our Grain Email list today.


Luke Beckman

CVA Grain Exchange Host, Luke Beckman, is the Grain Sales Manager for Central Valley Ag, responsible for leading CVA’s grain origination team. He started with CVA in 2011 as a Risk Management Consultant and has lead various origination and risk management groups for CVA since 2014. Luke is part of CVA’s Grain Advisor group, responsible for pricing decisions for CVA’s managed bushel program. He graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2011 with degrees in Ag Economics and Agronomy. While attending college, Luke held a grain internship with the Scoular Company and also secured his Series 3 and 30 brokerage licenses. He is a native of Elgin, Nebraska where he grew up on the family farm consisting of irrigated corn, soybeans, and market hogs. Luke is still an active member of the farm today along with his wife Ashley and daughters Eleanor and Kate.

Episode 8 |  Caleb Pelster, Grain Specialist in Elgin, joins Luke to discuss the October WASDE report. Listen to their take on what is effecting this report and how they would start to plan for 2021.

Episode 7 | Bullish Surprise Luke Beckman is joined by Aaron DeSmith, CVA Senior Grain Merchandising Manager to discuss the September Stocks report.

Episode 6 | Luke Beckman sits down with James Droescher, CVA Grain Specialist out of the Humphrey Location, to talk about the September 11th USDA Report. They talk about the neutral report with a favorable reaction from soybeans. Is opportunity knocking?

Episode 5 | Luke Beckman and Tom Ritzdorf, CVA Grain Specialist out of Bradshaw, NE take a deep dive into the numbers of the August WASDE report and how offers can be a value in a grain marketing plan. 

Episode 4 | Luke Beckman and Eric Leisy, CVA Grain Specialist out of Oakland, NE discuss the July WASDE Report and talk about the CVA Honors Program! Listen Now for more information!

Episode 3 | Luke Beckman brings in Kelby Vandenberg, Senior Grain Merchandiser, to discuss their takeaways from the June 30th- USDA Report. Listen Now as they give insight on when a producer should make a sale and their opinion on the price direction over the next 14 days.

Episode 2 | Welcome to Episode 2 of The CVA Grain Exchange! In this month’s episode, Host Luke Beckman sits down with CVA Grain Specialist, Russ Thede, as they discuss the June WASDE Report. During this episode you will find out the three things you need to be on the look for leading up to June 30th.

Episode 1 | Welcome to Episode 1 of The CVA Grain Exchange! In this month’s episode, Host Luke Beckman sits down with CVA Grain Specialist, Jason Meyer. They breakdown the May USDA Supply and Demand Report. Jason shares his key takeaways from the report and where the markets may go in the next month.



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