Carbon Programs

Aaron Sindelar

Dec 21, 2021


We’re starting to hear a lot about all the different carbon programs coming along in the marketplace. Aaron Sindelar, CVA Sustainability Lead, reviews a few things growers should consider before committing to a carbon program. Tim Mundorf, Director of Soil Management, joins the conversation.

Growers should ask themselves;

  1. Am I ready to make a long term commitment?
  2. Do these conservation practices make sense for me?


They also discuss how early these programs are coming out, that there’s a lot to learn, and they are continually evolving. They discuss program eligibility and how nitrogen management relates to carbon programs.

“The key thing to remember is that these carbon programs in agriculture are very early, there’s a lot to learn.” - Aaron Sindelar, CVA Sustainability Lead

Did you ask yourselves these questions and are you ready to learn more about carbon programs available through CVA? If you are interested in learning more and signing up for a program, the first step is to contact your CVA Field Sales Agronomist. From there you and your FSA can meet with Aaron Sindelar to discuss next steps.