Cenex Gift Cards for Gallons

Kelly Stenka

Dec 01, 2023


It's that time of year where we reward customers and producers for purchasing quality lubricant products from Cenex through the program, Gift Cards for Gallons.

It's a program where Cenex rewards customers for oil purchases between November 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024. Customers can earn one $50 Gift Card for every 100 gallons of oil purchased between those dates. The customer has a choice between three different card options: 

  1. Visa Gift Card 
  2. Digital Visa Card
  3. Digital Gift Card to one of 12 select retailers:
    1. Amazon
    2. Applebee's 
    3. Bass Pro
    4. Best Buy
    5. Lowe's 
    6. The Home Depot
    7. Olive Garden
    8. Outback Steakhouse
    9. Sam's Club
    10. Target
    11. Texas Roadhouse
    12. Walmart

Retail digital cards do not expire. Visa Gift Cards expire within 12 months of issue date. 

Qualifying oil products are as follows: 

  • Irriflex
  • Maxtron DEO
  • Maxtron Enviro-EDGE
  • Maxtron GL
  • Maxtron THF+
  • MP Gear Lube
  • Qwiklft HTB
  • Superlube 518
  • Superlube TMS


The great thing about this program is you can combine all gallons purchased to reach your total gallon goals. With the launch of the program, this might be a good time to fill your bulk tanks, purchase irrigation oil, and any other oils needed to prepare for the upcoming planting season. If you don't have bulk tanks, consider reaching out to a local Energy Advisor and see what kinds of programs are available to assist you. Just another way Central Valley ag is delivering value to you, our customers! 

All submissions are made online to cenex.com/giftcardsforgallons. All sales receipts and invoices must be submitted before April 5, 2024 and there are certain terms that do apply. Your local CVA Energy Advisor can assist you with all submissions. 

CVA Energy Advisors: 

  • Kane Kuehl (Iowa, and Northeast Nebraska): 712-540-3596
  • Kelly Stenka (North Central Nebraska): 402-389-0765
  • Chatrice White (Central Nebraska): 402-954-0603
  • Mike Argo (Kansas): 785-447-1725

Cenex Gift Cards for Gallons

Earn a $50 gift card for every 100 gallons of qualifying premium Cenex Lubricants purchased during the promotional period.