Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty and Lube Scans

Mike Argo, Energy Advisor

Jan 02, 2024

Cenex TPP Warranty

Do you know the history of the Cenex TPP Warranty? Back in 1965, Farmland started the "Total Maintenance System." The focus was only on new equipment. The warranty plan was the first of its kind to give farmers protection against costly repairs on their equipment. 

In 1997, Farmland Industries introduced the Used Equipment Protection Plan. Also, in 1997 Cenex introduced its own plan called the "Cenex Warranty." The programs were similar, but the Cenex program extended their coverage for a couple extra years. 

In 2000, Farmland and CHS merged and the Cenex Total Protection Plan (TPP Warranty) was created. There are over 6,000 new and used equipment warranties in the system. This number grows every year. For almost 60 years these warranties have helped farmers mitigate the financial risk associated with costly repairs to their expensive equipment. 

There are imitators in the market, but none have been around as long as the warranty plans started by Farmland and continued by Cenex. Cenex is focused on helping farmers keep their equipment productive in the field. While the imitators are trying to sell oil, the Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty is a resource and tool to assist farmers in getting the most out of their equipment and increase productivity across all acres. 

So, think of the Cenex Total Protection Plan as a comprehensive risk management tool. As mentioned before, there are two types of warranties: New Equipment Warranty and Used Equipment Warranty. 

cenex tpp warranty program

To qualify for the new equipment warranty, the equipment must be less than 6 months old and have less than 400 hours. The maximum coverage is for 10 years or 10,000 hours. There is no deductible, and the warranty is transferrable at no charge. Irrigation engines powered by diesel, natural gas and propane may also be covered. The cost of the warranty is $799.00, but you also receive $200.00 back from Cenex when you show proof of oil and fuel purchases from Central Valley Ag. 

The pricing is the same for used equipment warranty, but the length of coverage is slightly different. The warranty coverage is for 8 years or 8,000 hours from the manufacturer date. Just like the new warranty, you are required to use Cenex products for the duration of the program. 

The Lube Scan is one of the most crucial parts of either warranty. It is a small container that is used to sample the oil in your equipment. It comes with an information sheet and prepaid postage to a lab to analyze the oil. The results of the Lube Scans can help identify small issues before they turn into bigger, more expensive problems. A sample must be sent in and approved prior to qualifying for the warranty. Then a minimum of once a year for the remaining time on the warranty. 

So, when is a good time to discuss the Cenex TPP Warranty? As soon as the purchase is made. Whether it's a new piece of equipment or a slightly used piece of equipment, the TPP Warranty can protect the farmer agains the high cost of repairs and help support the profitability of the farm. 

Fore more information and details on the Cenex Total Protection Plan Warranty, contact a Central Valley Ag Energy Advisor or go to cenex.com. 

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*Historical facts provided by Cenex through the Cenex Refined Thinking Course.