Central Valley Ag Delivers Value to Member-Owners in the Form of $2 Million in Equity Redemptions

Mar 26, 2024

CVA and its member-owners

Central Valley Ag (CVA) reinforces its commitment to its farmer-owners by returning nearly $2 million in age-based equity. This distribution exemplifies the cooperative spirit in which CVA operates for the benefit of its member-owners.

The CVA Board of Directors approved this distribution to eligible member-owners who reached retirement age (65 years old) by December 31, 2023.

"We deeply appreciate every member-owner who has helped build CVA's success," said Carl Dickinson, President/CEO. "Returning this equity demonstrates the cooperative's strength that puts it in a position to give back to its membership. We not only provide essential products and services, but are able to share profits with our members."

Formed in 2003 through the merger of three cooperatives, CVA has expanded its reach through strategic partnerships across Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. Today, it stands as a leading Midwestern cooperative.

"CVA's business model prioritizes a balanced approach," said Dickinson. "We focus on delivering exceptional service, generating profits, rewarding patronage, and strategically reinvesting while returning equity to our members. True success lies in serving our members and sharing the benefits of our achievements."