Central Valley Ag Releases New Growing Agriculture Together Series | “What is Safety?”

Oct 03, 2022

What is safety?

Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) is excited to announce a new series for the Growing Agriculture Together campaign. This campaign consists primarily of educational videos and free downloadable resources available in an online media center. These resources are available for anyone who wants to grow their knowledge about the agriculture industry, whether in the classroom, at home, or in the workplace.

The newest series, released October 3, is titled "What is safety?" This three-video series focuses on staying safe around grain bins, chemicals, and equipment.

Cooperatives play an important role in rural communities. CVA wants to emphasis the importance of safety to producers, consumers and employees. By providing tools through an online media center, people of all ages can expand their knowledge about the agricultural industry and understand the importance of staying safe on the farm. 

“Safety is a top priority when working on the farm, or anywhere. Releasing this video series will help educate students, parents, and teachers on potential hazards on the farm, as well as precautions to take to keep themselves, and their families, safe.” Said Doug Eisenmenger, Safety and Compliance Director at CVA.

This video series dives into real-life scenarios that can happen on the farm within different aspects of agriculture. It is crucial to educate on dangers and ways to promote safety amongst dangers on the farm.

The content provided by Growing Agriculture Together was developed internally by Central Valley Ag. In the media center, you can learn more about cooperatives, grain, energy, agronomy, feed, and of course, safety. Growing Agriculture Together provides the foundation to get that conversation started. GROW MORE. 

View additional videos and educational resources on the “What is Safety?” webpage.

Growing Agriculture Together

Growing Agriculture Together

Every day the gap between producers and consumers continues to grow. Growing Agriculture Together was built to help consumers understand the producer. We want to start a conversation; let’s learn something new together! Don’t wait. Learn more about cooperatives, grain, energy, agronomy, feed and safety today

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