The Cooperative Way

Dec 04, 2023

CVA Visionary Booklet Cover

Central Valley Ag reported $2.4 billion in total sales for their fiscal year 2023, ending on August 31, 2023.

“I am proud of the job CVA is doing serving its membership. In the last year, we provided quality products, services, and technology,” said Carl Dickinson, President/CEO. “Due to CVA’s performance, we are also returning a record amount of cash in both equity redemption and patronage.”

CVA’s Chief Financial Officer, Fran Swain, is proud of the value CVA brings to its patrons and credits the cooperative’s strong balance sheet.

“CVA has once again demonstrated the power of a farmer-owned cooperative. With over $38 million in cash to patrons and $104 million planned to be invested into facilities, current member-owners and generations to come can rely on CVA to ensure that they have a seat at the table.”

Overall, it was a record-breaking year for CVA, and Dickinson credited much of the success of the cooperative to CVA employees. “Our people continue to answer the call. They’re engaged in the business, they’re engaged in their communities, they love what they do and the growers they do it for.” • • •

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