CVA to Build New Corn Cleaning Plant

Nov 15, 2023

CVA Hampton Facility

Central Valley Ag is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has approved the building of a new CVA Corn Cleaning Plant located at the existing CVA Hampton site. This new plant will allow the cooperative and its member-owners to tap into additional market opportunities for Food Grade Corn and take advantage of the growing demand for corn products.

“By investing in projects like this Corn Cleaning Plant, we can assist our farmers in meeting the demand for Food-Grade Corn,” said Jeff Bechard, SVP of Grain at CVA. “Food-Grade Corn is good fit for Nebraska, and this is an opportunity for us to assist our growers in producing it.”

Located in Hampton, Neb., the plant will be an expansion built upon the facility’s existing north concrete elevator, which will now be dedicated to Food-Grade Corn. The expansion will include the cleaning and shipping plant and provide shipment by rail, truck, and in 3,000 lb tote bags. The facility’s existing south complex will continue to be dedicated to corn and soybeans.

The significant increase in demand for Food-Grade Corn encouraged the development of this plant. As a farmer-owned cooperative, CVA looks for ways to bring value to its member-owners and their operations. This plant will create market value for customers, as well as job opportunities for the Hampton community. CVA is excited to get this project finished and in use.

The Corn Cleaning Plant is expected to be completed by harvest 2024.