CVA donates 40,000 meals to the Kansas Food Bank as part of its ‘Our Planet is Hungry Campaign’

Mar 06, 2024

CVA KSU Food Bank Donation

Central Valley Ag (CVA) cooperative donates $10,000 to help fight food scarcity in Kansas.  The gift is part of the cooperative’s campaign “Our Planet is Hungry,” an initiative created to promote the unique value of the cooperative’s four divisions – grain, agronomy, energy, and feed - as CVA works alongside farmers to feed a hungry globe.

“Central Valley Ag is committed to feeding a hungry planet,” said Owen Baker, SVP of Marketing at CVA, “part of that commitment is ensuring every family has access to healthy food sources through organizations such as the Kansas Food Bank.”

Through CVA’s partnership with the Kansas State Wildcats, CVA sponsored a 3-pointer initiative throughout the men’s and women’s 2023-2024 basketball season where every K-State basket made beyond the arc, CVA pledged a donation to the Kansas Food Bank.

“It is a privilege to work with the Kansas Food Bank to fight hunger within our communities. We are glad we have the opportunity to participate in this three-pointer campaign to make a change in the fight against food scarcity.” said Baker.

The women’s team hit 271 three-pointers and the men’s team had 214, for a total of 485 made beyond the arc. With this added level of fun per game, CVA is thrilled to share this donation with the Kansas Food Bank so they can continue their work in eliminating hunger in by ensuring consistent access to healthy foods through community partnerships.

“The rising cost of everyday living has forced many Kansans to turn to the Kansas Food Bank for one of life's most basic needs, food.  Currently 1 in 10 individuals in Kansas and 1 in 7 children experiences food insecurity,” said Brian Walker, President and CEO of the Kansas Food Bank, “Central Valley Ag is helping to make sure missing meals are placed on the table of our neighbors in need.  With their recent ‘Our Planet is Hungry’ campaign and the 3-point tally initiative, they have made a generous $10,000 gift to the Kansas Food Bank.  These funds will help provide up to 40,000 nourishing meals to our neighbors facing hunger and that is truly a winning shot.  We are thankful to CVA for their support and generosity.”

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Our Planet is Hungry

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