CVA hosts 250 high school students at CVA Royal location

Mar 12, 2024

CVA Royal Student Tour

During National FFA Week, Central Valley Ag hosted a "High School Champions" event at CVA's Royal Hub facility in Royal, Neb. 

Approximately 250 students from nine area schools participated in this to two-day learning opportunity. From Co-op 101 to location tours, the students had the chance to see everything CVA can do from ground operations to office personnel, providing students a wide range of learning opportunities. The CVA Royal location invited all schools in the local area to learn more about the opportunities the cooperative and the agricultural industry can provide.

I think that it is important that students know they don't have to leave their hometown to be accomplished. You can have a good career and bring value back to your community. Agriculture provides many opportunities for a successful career within smaller communities. - Jesse Henery, CVA Region 1 Operations Manager. 

During the event, five sessions were conducted, each covering a different aspect of the cooperative. The first session was Co-op 101, which provided students with an understanding of what a cooperative is, how it operates, and the opportunities it offers for careers. In addition, students were given tours of the dry fertilizer plant, liquid fertilizer plant, grain facility, and seed shed, which allowed them to see inside CVA's operations. 

Another session was a safety demonstration showcasing the importance of wearing hard hats and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Additionally, students witness a dust explosion simulation, which showed them what a dust explosion looks like, its associated risks and why it is crucial for a grain facility to keep areas clean. 

"We are thankful to the schools and students that attended the first CVA High School Champions event in our region," said Henery. "It is an honor to have the ability to educate students on the different aspects of agriculture and CVA. Having the students at one of CVA's locations allowed them to see first-hand the work we do every day - from administrative work to outside operations. We hope to continue to provide learning opportunities for the students around us and that they know we are always a resource for education, tours, or any questions they may have." 

CVA Oakland Location

CVA in the Classroom

CVA provides classroom visits, onsite tours and virtual presentations to interested schools and organizations. If you are interested in learning more about bringing CVA into the Classroom, please reach out to or complete a CVA in the Classroom request form at where additional educational resources can be found. 

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