CVA invests in drying capacity and flexibility

May 02, 2023

Akron Iowa

Over the past 12 months, Central Valley Ag Cooperative (CVA) has been looking at ways to add drying capacity and to increase the flexibility and speed of dumping for producers in Plymouth County, Iowa from its Akron, Iowa facility.

“We know that we need to be able to accept wet corn and have the ability to dry it at a speed that meets our producers’ needs during harvest,” said Brent Reichmuth, Senior Vice President of Operations at CVA. “By reinvesting in a drying system that can handle high moisture grain, we allow producers the opportunity to get in the field sooner and to bring in grain in a wet year.”

Once complete, the site will have an additional 166,796-bushel bin dedicated to handling high moisture grain that can be blended or dried. In addition, CVA is investing in a 4,700 bushel per hour dryer, a 10,000 bushel per hour wet/receiving leg, a 7,500 bushel per hour dry leg and a 10,000 bushel per hour receiving pit.

CVA looks forward to breaking ground on this project by fall 2023. “We plan to have this expansion completed and ready to receive grain for the fall harvest of 2024,” stated Reichmuth. “This project allows CVA to provide the quality service that member-owners have long come to expect from their cooperative.”