CVA launches new product 'CVA ELITE Accelerate'

Dec 06, 2023

CVA Elite Accelerate

Central Valley Ag has launched CVA ELITE Accelerate, a plant growth regulator containing a unique blend of three plant growth hormones.

CVA ELITE Accelerate aids in faster plant growth by breaking seed dormancy, stimulating cell division, and developing longer cell walls, resulting in larger leaves and roots.

We see faster emergence and stronger, healthier plants when we use CVA ELITE Accelerate - especially in cold soil. This product allows growers to plant a little sooner and have confidence in getting a good stand established. - Cary Skibinski, Director of Specialty Products

CVA ELITE Accelerate has been proven to increase yield when used in-furrow and foliar applications. This product can bring a positive ROI for growers as it has shown a 7.2 bushel increase when used with CVA Begin in-furrow starter fertilizer.

CVA ELITE Accelerate is the latest addition to the CVA ELITE product line, developed in partnership with a proven supplier. This product replaces the Ascend family products with a single, reliable formulation. CVA ELITE Accelerate is labeled for in-furrow or foliar application on all major crops, making it a dependable solution for your agricultural needs.

The CVA ELITE product line is comprised of valuable products that you can have confidence in. Given the constantly evolving agriculture industry, it is crucial to have reliable products.

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CVA ELITE Products

CVA ELITE are innovative products that yield solutions for our member-owners. The product lineup has been proven in the geography of CVA through field testing and are built for the dynamic growing conditions and stresses growers face each year, resulting in more profit per acre.

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