CVA pays $13.672 million of revolving equity payments to member-owners

Oct 25, 2023

CVA member owners equity payment

Central Valley Ag (CVA) continues to give back to its member-owners by providing equity payouts. This year, the CVA Board of Directors approved $13.672 million dollars in Revolving Equity payouts for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Equity is returned to member-owners in the form of redeemed equity. The amount of revolving equity producers receive depends on the amount of business they do in a given fiscal year; this year that is 2009, 2010, and 2011. Producers will see their investment into the cooperative come back to them throughout their career and CVA is grateful for the opportunity to share with them its success.

"I am very proud of Central Valley Ag’s performance and our ability to return equity to our member-owners," said Carl Dickinson, President and CEO of Central Valley Ag, “The cooperative has an important role to play in giving back to its members and because of CVA's performance, we are able to continue to do that."

In addition to cash patronage, the co-op has earnings that are reserved for later distributions. In the short-term, these equity dollars are an investment by members in their co-op and can be used by the co-op to make capital improvements, which further grow the business or make the co-op more efficient.

“It is because of the loyalty from our member-owners that this cooperative is able to thrive. It is a true honor to be able to share this with them,” said Dickinson.

Patrick Eilert Beloit KS

How did member-owners earn an equity payout?

If you are a member of Central Valley Ag, you are an owner of Central Valley Ag. Your business is paid back to you as cash patronage or reinvested into the cooperative as EQUITY. That equity is used to reinvest to improve the co-op’s ability to serve you better. When the cooperative performs well, the board may vote to make equity redemptions -- so you get CASH BACK for your investment into your cooperative. Your CVA Co-op had an outstanding year and we are proud to be able to provide you one of the largest redemptions in our history.