CVA shares 2023 Innovation Series Data

Jan 03, 2024

CVA 2023 Harvest Book

Central Valley Ag (CVA) has derived data from its 6th year of ACS Innovation Series test plots under the new management of Cary Skibinski, Director of Speciality Products, and Korbin Kudera, Innovation Agronomist at CVA. 

In 2023, plots were located in Beaver Crossing and Norfolk, Neb., Belleville, Kan., and Sheldon, Iowa. The drought that persisted throughout much of CVA's trade territory had a negative impact on crop yields. However, two innovation plots, Beaver Crossing and Norfolk, had irrigation systems that helped mitigate the drought's effects. Despite being hit by a hailstorm on July 4th resulting in 50% defoliation, the Beaver Crossing plot achieved an overall corn average yield of 192 bushels per acre. 

In spite of the challenges this year brought, CVA is still able to provide data and observations to benefit farmers' operations. Throughout these trials, CVA noted several important points. 

MicroEssentials SZ has consistently proven to be a highly effective solution in enhancing the yields of corn and soybean crops. This balanced blend of nutrients promotes healthy plant growth and development, leading to higher yields. MicroEssentials SZ continues to prove itself to be a reliable and efficient product. 

After six years of testing, CVA Elite PHP has proven to continue to increase corn yield and ROI. CVA Elite PHP92 is in its second year of testing and will launch in all CVA locations in 2024. This new formula has the same attributes for plant health, but contains a more concentrated active ingredient. The new formula has a lower foliar use rate of 9 oz/ac compared to 40 oz/ac of the prior formulation. 

The focus in 2023 was to test a variety of Humic and Fulvic Acid products from different suppliers, applied both in-furrow and foliar. The objective was not only to assess the yield, but also to study how these products mix with fertilizers and other inputs. The trials at Beaver Crossing revealed that Boma RTU had the highest soybean yield when applied in-furrow. 

Central Valley Ag is committed to exploring new and innovative biological products that can help enhance crop yields. CVA will continue researching bio-stimulants, bio-fertilizers and bio-fungicides, which have shown promising results in numerous studies. CVA has observed a considerable increase in corn yield for the second consecutive year using Utrisha N, topping the overall corn yield at the Beaver Crossing Site. 

To view all data from the 2023 ACS Innovation Series test plots, please look through the 2023 Harvest Data Book. CVA is proud to provide member-owners and area growers with information to increase farmers' yields year after year. 

CVA 2023 Harvest Book

Harvest Data Book

Along with the data from the trials, this book provides a brief reasoning behind the trials and the products tested with the weather conditions presented at each site during the growing season.

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