CVA's Innovative Grain Shuttle Facility and Agronomy Plant Progresses Steadily Toward 2025 Completion

Feb 16, 2024

CVA Courtland Hub Facility

Ninety days have passed since Central Valley Ag embarked on the construction journey of its groundbreaking grain shuttle facility and agronomy plant in Courtland, Kansas. Despite encountering challenges with cold and wet weather in December and January, progress remains steadfast, adhering closely to the project timeline, particularly with significant advancements in the construction of the grain facility. 

Essential groundwork tasks, including the completion of access roads and the preparation of the grain site, have been successfully accomplished. Notably, despite the challenging environment, concrete work has remarkably progressed, with the completion of concrete pilings for four out of the seven grain bins and the pouring of the boot pit floor. Currently, foundation crews are actively engaged in erecting the bins on-site. 

The workforce dedicated to these projects comprises approximately 35-45 individuals, with expectations of scaling up to 70-80 workers during the summer months, reflecting the substantial commitment to meeting project milestones. 

Scheduled for completion in Summer 2025, the Courtland Hub facility holds promise as a cutting-edge establishment, featuring a high-speed shuttle loader on a loop track with seamless access to BNSF Railroad. It is poised to offer on-site storage facilities capable of accommodating approximately 5.5 million bushels of grain.  

Simultaneously, the agronomy plant, slated for completion in the spring of 2025, will house a state-of-the-art 3.5 million-gallon Liquid Fertilizer Plant, alongside a chemical and seed warehouse. Notably, the Liquid Fertilizer Plant is designed with versatile capabilities, enabling the receipt of tons via rail or truck. 

Brent Reichmuth, SVP of Operations at CVA, emphasized the organization's commitment to its mission station, "embracing the Cooperative Spirit to deliver value to our members." Reichmuth asserted that by investing in the new Courtland Hub facility, CVA is poised to serve the producers of north central Kansas effectively, ensuring sustainable support for years to come. 

Stay tuned for additional updates this summer. If you have any questions, please reach out to