CVA's Technical Team partners with community for training

Aug 23, 2023

Columbus Demonstration

Central Valley Ag’s Technical Rescue Team had opportunities to get out into the public eye this month. On Aug. 10, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Haskell Ag Lab hosted a Family Field Day with visitors ranging from eight years old to 80. CVA’s Technical Rescue Team was invited to present a bin rescue demonstration. The team set up the grain bin prop with the ropes/cables in place to present a grain bin extraction. This demonstration led to several conversations regarding safe bin entry procedures and the dangers of not following such procedures.

On Aug. 15, CVA’s Technical Rescue Team 3, based in Humphrey, Neb., and the Columbus, Neb. Fire Department got together for rescue training. The two teams did patient packaging in the morning and discussed bin rescue protocol. That afternoon they practiced bin rigging and removing a victim from a grain bin, which featured the Mayor of Columbus acting as the victim in the demonstration.  The teams packaged him in a stokes stretcher and used a ladder truck and rope systems to get him to the ground. Both teams learned a lot from each other throughout this training.

Thank you to CVA’s James Droescher and firefighter/paramedic, Ryan Sabata, for coordinating this training.