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Sep 18, 2023

CVA in the classroom

Central Valley Ag recognizes the need for agriculture education in schools; whether it be around safety, livestock, grain, technology, or other agricultural related topics, CVA has opportunities to teach students from a firsthand perspective. To assist in spreading awareness about the agriculture industry and the different opportunities it provides, CVA has been working with schools to get into the classroom.

CVA’s Talent and Operations teams have paired together to help bring value to the schools. Individuals from these two teams go into classrooms to perform demonstrations and answer any questions students may have. “We've seen a huge amount of questions about safety and about how we take pride in our safety at Central Valley Ag,” said Ryan Lueck, Talent Coordinator for CVA, “it's really neat to see the questions that they come up with and the deeper understanding they have at the end of the day.” CVA’s goal is to help these students understand more about topics surrounding agriculture and ignite an interest in those topics.

The topics that CVA employees can educate on are endless. From grain grading demonstrations to an applicator simulator, the cooperative wants to bring value to each and every student. Providing real world examples and hands-on experiences help students get a better picture of how the agriculture industry works. “The schools get real industry experts in their classroom that are helping to teach the students about whatever topic they're working on,” said Brent Reichmuth, SVP of Operations at CVA, “it provides more value to students than getting it out of a textbook that may or may not be up to date.”

As a cooperative, CVA has industry experts in every sector; not just crops and livestock. As technology advances, the cooperative must advance with it. Technology has come to play a large role in agriculture and will continue to provide new opportunities; not only to improve agriculture production but to increase job opportunities as well. “We want to show these students the different avenues agriculture has. There may be a student that is really interested in computers, but he doesn't want to leave York. Many people don’t think of an agricultural business as an option,” said Lueck, “but, from everything that I've seen, it is.” Technology in agriculture is increasing by leaps and bounds and opportunities within the technology department will continue to grow.

CVA wants to focus being a good resource for our employees and for the communities we serve. The cooperative wants them to know CVA is a resource and is there to provide knowledge and insight. If you or someone you know is interested in a classroom visit, either in-person or remotely, please complete the form on our educational platform, Growing Agriculture Together. We would love to share Growing Agriculture Together with you. 

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