Reichmuth to retire after over 40 years in cooperative system

Mar 09, 2023

Bryan Reichmuth

After over 40 years in the cooperative system, SVP of Operations Bryan Reichmuth will be retiring from Central Valley Ag (CVA). What started as an internship with Farmers Co-op in 1979, turned into a long, plentiful career.

Reichmuth began as an intern at Farmers Co-op Humphrey in the summers of both 1979 and 1980, and in 1981 was hired full-time in operations at Lindsay Co-op. In 1982 Bryan took on the new challenge of Controller/Office Manager at the Farmers Co-op in Humphrey. Twelve years later, at the age of 33, he was promoted to General Manager of the Humphrey Co-op. Bryan held this position until he initiated the vision of merger. In 2003, Humphrey Co-op merged into Central Farmers Co-op. This paved the way for the many mergers to come throughout his career. Including a merger nine months later with TriValley Co-op and Agland Co-op to become Central Valley Ag.

After this three-way merger, Reichmuth earned the title of VP of Grain at CVA. After seven years in that position, he was promoted to SVP of Grain and Feed Processing located in O’Neill, Neb. Finally, in 2014 after CVA merged with United Farmers Co-op, he was named SVP of Operations in York, Neb. and has held that title for the last eight years.

Over his 42 years in the cooperative system, Reichmuth has had the opportunity to influence many individuals, including his son Brent, VP of Operations at CVA. “My dad is a natural leader, motivator, and coach,” Brent said, “he has always been good with people and has an ability to see the potential in someone and help them to reach that potential to the fullest.”

The influence Reichmuth had on his team and peers was strong, something he didn’t realize until reflecting on his career. “As I look back on nearly a 42-year career, I am humbled by the experience I have gained and the responsibility entrusted in me,” Reichmuth said, “I did not realize the impact I was establishing while staying committed and leading others to a common vision.”

Post-retirement, Reichmuth looks forward to slowing down, spending time with his grandkids, and spending time on the family farm working with livestock and growing crops. And in his true, dedicated, hardworking fashion, he even hopes to continue to be involved with CVA in a small role on a part-time basis.

Thank you, Bryan, for the dedication and passion you shared with CVA for so many years.