Terminally injected Cenex Premium Diesel Fuels

Chatrice White, CVA Energy Advisor

Jan 24, 2024

CVA Fuel truck

Central Valley Ag is a Certified Cenex Distributor. What does that mean? As a cooperative, we can provide your operation with premium Cenex diesel fuels that will keep your equipment running smoothly for optimal power, performance, and protection.  Cenex supplies multiple terminals across the country with an enhanced formula additive package that is pumped directly into CVA fuel trucks and delivered to straight to you.

In Cenex’s additive package there are seven key components that bring the highest quality premium diesel fuel to you in Cenex Roadmaster XL: Premium Highway Diesel Fuel and Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster: Premium Off-Road Diesel Fuel.

  • Aggressive Detergents clean your entire fuel system by maintaining an ideal spray pattern to provide you with a cleaner, more complete burn. Resulting in power restoration of up to 4.5% and restoring fuel economy by up to 5%
  • Cetane Improver provides a more complete burn for a cleaner exhaust system by enhancing the ignition quality for quicker, smoother starts.  This reduces regular wear and tear on vehicle starters and battery life.  Cetane improver also generates cleaner exhaust and fewer emissions, extending the life of diesel particulate filters.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors prevent rust and corrosion from forming on metal parts by protecting fuel systems from rust and pitting. This additive helps reduce downtime and repairs by protecting against leaks, blocking, and breaks caused by corrosion.
  • Demulsifier keeps moisture from entering the fuel system by separating water from fuel and with the help of gravity, drops the water to bottom of the tank for easy draining.  Also reduces filter plugging and volume of moisture that enters the combustion chamber.
  • Injection Stabilizer prevents diesel fuel from coking by preventing the formation of internal diesel injector deposits along with preventing the soiling of internal injector components.  This additive helps reduce filter and injector replacement and repairs.
  • Lubricity Improver protects moving parts from excessive wear and failure.  It gives you 10-15% more lubricity than straight #2 diesel, while also protecting injector and injector pumps against wear.
  • Storage Stabilizer extends the storage life of your fuel longer than typical #2 diesel and maximizes overall performance. This is done by reducing varnish and gum buildup, tolerating temperature extremes, and increasing the life of injectors and optimizing combustibility.

All seven additives play a vital role in providing you with reliable, premium diesel fuel for any condition.  Because they are injected at the terminal, Cenex ensures that every gallon has the same amount of additives throughout each load. When you use Cenex premium diesel fuel on the farm or on the road you are investing in the life and performance of your equipment which will ultimately save you time and money when you need it most. 

Let your Energy Advisors at Central Valley Ag assist you in making those valuable investments for your operation today.

  • Kane Kuehl (Iowa, and Northeast Nebraska) 712-540-3596
  • Kelly Stenka (north Central Nebraska) 402-389-0765
  • Chatrice White (Central Nebraska) 402-954-0603
  • Mike Argo (Kansas) 785-447-1725

Source: Cenex