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ACS Innovation Series Recap

Sep 04, 2018

Central Valley Ag recently hosted their Advanced Cropping Systems (ACS) Innovation Series field day events. Throughout the growing season, CVA utilized these plots to test the latest technology and practices.

“These events provide our customers a hands-on look at what CVA has to offer, and what CVA is working on adding in the future for products and services,” said Glen Franzluebbers, Director of Professional Ag Services. “It gives our customers the opportunity to see real world agronomy situations and opens up dialogue on specific products and services that could benefit their operations.”

The first event held in Cuba, Kansas on July 31, 2018, focused on the stress mitigation due to the drought conditions that the area has endured this Summer. “As always the weather seemed to be too dry in Kansas, and too wet as we moved further North,” said Randy Jensen, ACS Technology Specialist.

The next event was held just a mile west of Bellwood, Nebraska. A storm ripped through the Bellwood area the night before the event, which may have taken a few customers away, but the plot remained unharmed. “Farmers all across our entire geography have the challenge of water management, whether it’s too much or not enough, or it’s coming at them at the wrong time,” said Mick Goedeken, ACS Innovation Agronomist. “Severe storms like the storm near Bellwood, have also been an issue in the pockets of CVA’s footprint.”

The third and final event was held at a new site just outside of Norfolk, Nebraska. “At the Norfolk event, the group that attended were really engaged in the technology, fertility, and specialty,” said Mick. “They seemed eager to hear everything that we are doing to help their bottom line.”

At both Nebraska events, a highlight was the live combine demonstration, which included 360 Yield Center YieldSaver Chains. “This created a lot of interest and seeing it in person made it easy for customers to understand the true benefit of this product,” said Franzluebbers.

The ACS team was happy with the turnout and participation at this year’s events and looks forward to expanding the reach of these events in the future. “Our customers have an opportunity to learn a great deal of information at these events with a minimal time sacrifice,” said Goedeken.

The growing season is coming to a close and harvest is near, the ACS team has some advice for growers as they head into the field with their combines.

“During harvest, pay attention to the details of your fields: high and low yielding areas, problem areas, variability, fertility or crop protection treatments. The details at harvest can help make important decisions for the next growing season and be a learning opportunity as to what worked and what didn’t work on specific fields,” said Franzluebbers. “Take the time to make sure your combine is ready to go, have yield monitors and components updated and calibrated. Collecting usable yield data is vital to a successful 2019 growing season and beyond. You only get one chance a year to collect quality data, so make sure it’s right.”

Mick Goedeken has some advice for growers as well, “Get corn out early. All the stress of the season will lead to poor stalk quality and standability issues. Drying corn will be more efficient than trying to pick up corn off the ground. Hailed corn will likely have mold and mycotoxin issues, especially if we get the cool, wet conditions that have been predicted.”

The final piece of advice from Randy Jensen hits home for both CVA employees and customers, “Be patient and be safe.” 

2018 ACS Innovation Series from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

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