When it comes to soil fertility, there are a lot of voices out there telling growers how to manage their soil. Academia, government bodies, industry experts and manufacturers. SOIL TALK is going to unify all of that knowledge to provide some clarity and understanding. Most growers don’t have time to dedicate to days of training at educational meetings, so we put together a podcast, where you can join the conversation from the tractor, pickup, office or wherever you may be. If you are listening on Apple Podcasts, don't forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button to make sure you are notified when a new episode is released. On Spotify, click the FOLLOW button, and our SoundCloud click the LIKE button.



is the Nutrient Management Lead at CVA, helping crop and livestock producers better manage manure nutrients and soil fertility while limiting environmental concerns. His goal is to make sure that livestock manure is treated as a fertilizer source & is used responsibly by CVA customers as part of an overall fertility program aimed at maximizing both crop yield and profitability.


is the ACS Precision Ag Manager for CVA, husband, and father of two. He oversees the ACS Regional Specialist Team that is responsible for developing high resolution VR solutions to effectively and efficiently apply crop inputs. Keith is also the business Manager for the ACS Equipment team, which provides Precision Ag Equipment Solutions and support for growers across the CVA trade area.

EPISODE 7 | In this episode the discussion revolves around plant tissue sampling, and how it can have an impact on your farming operation. Tim and guest Mick Goedeken, CVA Innovation Specialist, also talk about foliar fertilizer and how it can have an effect on your yields this year.

EPISODE 6 | In this episode Keith & Tim are joined by Neil Schumacher to discuss Sulfur. Why do we care about Sulfur now? Sulfur was largely ignored for years, but that is no longer the case.

EPISODE 5 | If there is a nutrient that we need to continue learning about, it’s Potassium. Join us to get to talk about the challenges that come with K.

EPISODE 4 | Today we switch gears and talk about phosphorus. Phosphorus is an entirely different animal from nitrogen. The way we apply it, the forms, the timing and ability to build our levels to rely on it to feed our crop. So, let’s dig into our recommendations and how we handle P.

EPISODE 3 | We discuss split application and the things we are doing to be more efficient with our nitrogen application, inhibitors and the models that exist to help us make decisions on the rate.

SPECIAL FLOOD EPISODE | We discuss some of the after-effects of the flooding that covered quite a bit of CVA's territory. We have fields that have been underwater for several days or weeks. We have fields that had a high velocity of water run across them for a short duration. We have erosion. We have deposits of silt and residue. Growers will face many challenges in the coming season as a result.

EPISODE 2 | It's time to discuss the nitrogen equation and specifically get into the various parts of it and why there is such a difference in dialogue between the different entities like states, farmers, and agronomist when we talk about the nitrogen equation.

EPISODE 1 | We will begin our conversation on nutrients and classifying them in order of importance and then we will dive into nitrogen. We will go over how we categorize the importance of the nutrients and if that importance or categorization lines up with the budget on the field and on the farm.

INTRODUCTION EPISODE | In this introduction episode get to know more about Keith and Tim, and find out what to expect throughout the SOIL TALK podcast series.



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