Certificate of Investment

Investment Program

The Central Valley Ag (CVA) Certificate of Investment Program provides member-owners with the chance to invest additional equity in the cooperative for a one-year term, offering a competitive interest rate. 

This allows patrons to earn a premium on their investment while also benefiting the cooperative by mitigating borrowing costs. Ultimately, the program represents a mutually beneficial arrangement, delivering added value to cooperative owners. 

Terms of the Program

  • Patron must be an Equity Holder (have an equity balance) to participate in the program 
  • Certificate term is one-year 
  • Interest rate is 4.9% as of March 1, 2024
  • CVA has the right to change the interest rate at any time, normally occurs quarterly
  • Interest rate does NOT compound
  • 0.5% early withdrawal penalty if withdrawn before maturity date
  • CVA has the right to call, pay and retire Certificates with a 10-day written notice
  • Certificate is non-transferable 


Benefits of the Program

  • Competitive Interest Rate: CVA is offering an interest rate of 4.9% as of March 1, 2024. Local financial institutions are offering interest rates at 2.15% for a 1-year CD. This gives the patron the ability to earn a premium on the money they choose to invest in the CVA Certificate of Investment Program. 
  • Cooperative Savings: CVA also saves on interest rate fees when the cooperative has to borrow less from financial institutions. Thus again, bringing value back to the producers who are owners of the cooperative. 


How to Participate

If you'd like to participate in the CVA Certificate of Investment Program, please complete the below "COI" form, W-9 and submit payment to:

Central Valley Ag
Attn: Certificate of Investment 
PO Box 429
York NE 68467


If you have questions about the form or need additional information, please reach out to Central Valley Ag at memberservices@cvacoop.com or at 888-343-0323

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