Setting up a Manure Spreader for VR Application

March 1, 2019

Outfitting a Manure Spreader for Variable Rate Application from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

Back in early January, we talked about applying the right rate of manure as part of the 4Rs of fertilizer management as it relates to manure. We discussed how Central Valley Ag can build variable-rate manure prescriptions based on the fertility needs of your soil and the nutrient content of your operation’s manure resource. This month we shot a video showing how CVA’s Advanced Cropping Systems Equipment Technicians can retrofit a manure spreader to vary the speed of the floor belt or chains to match the application rate to the nutrients needed within the area of the field you are spreading.

We usually add a controller that varies the flow of hydraulic oil to the hydraulic motor running the floor drive gearbox. If your tractor is already set up with a GPS receiver and a rate controller/display, we can often work with your existing equipment. If you need a receiver and controller/display we can put together a high-quality reliable system from Ag Leader into nearly any color of tractor.  

Watch the video for more information on how we retrofit a spreader for variable rate. Contact one of our ACS Equipment Technicians for information about the needed equipment for your application. Once you are set up for variable rate spreading contact Tim Mundorf CVA Nutrient Management Lead to get started building a variable rate prescription to meet the fertility needs of your fields.

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