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Have your heard about CVA's Bulk Oil Delivery?

April 15, 2020

One service that I was surprised many people do not know Central Valley Ag offers, is our bulk lubricant delivery.  In Kansas, we have a delivery truck based out of our Beloit location, that services all Central Valley Ag’s trade territory in Kansas.  For Nebraska and Iowa, we take advantage of a program through CHS, our supplier, to get the bulk lubricants delivered to the producer.

When the producer decides that they would like to get set up on bulk lubricants, they can contact a Central Valley Ag Energy representative.  We will walk the customer through the process of determining what products they use and how much.  We then make a recommendation on the appropriate tank size to best fit the delivery schedules.  The customer has the option of providing their own equipment or leasing bulk lubricant equipment from us.   We can help get the equipment set and the first delivery scheduled.  After their first delivery, they can contact us when they need their totes filled again, and we will place them on the delivery schedule. 

There are many different advantages of having bulk lubricants on the farm.  By having your lubricants in bulk, the producer no longer needs to handle heavy boxes, jugs and drums.  They no longer must try and remember to stop and pick up cases of oil when they go to town. They cut down on the trash that is created by boxes and jugs.  Bulk lubricant totes also take up less space and look cleaner than the comparable amount of oil in boxes and jugs.

One extra service that we offer in our Kansas territory, is the option of bulk diesel exhaust fluid delivery and package oil and grease delivery to the farm.  When our producers decide they would like us to fill their oil totes, we can also deliver bulk DEF and drop off any packaged oils and greases that they might need at the same time.  This eliminates an extra trip to town for our producers.  Another thing we can do, if the consumer so chooses, is to send a text message or a phone call reminding them of when the delivery truck will be in their area.  By getting a reminder that the truck will be in the area the next week, a producer can decide if they would like us to drop off any lubricants that they might be needing.

We currently work with a wide range of vendors for bulk lubricant equipment.  There are many different options when it comes to equipment.  By having a large amount of options, we can help recommend the right equipment for each producer to best fit their needs.

If anyone would like to get more information about our bulk oil delivery service or would like to discuss what would work best for their operation, they can contact any of our Central Valley Ag Energy offices.  In Kansas, the Minneapolis office is (785)392-3031, in Nebraska, the Shelby office (402)362-8434 and in Iowa the Le Mars office is (712) 546-6382.
by Chris Clingman
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