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Cake Blitz going on this week at Central Valley Ag

August 3, 2020

Contact your CVA Feed Team Rep today as this promotion is only going to last one week! Starting August 1, 2020, through 12 Noon on Friday, August 7, 2020, take advantage of our 23% DDG cake contracting period. With these competitive prices, contracts will fill fast! The time frame for pickup or delivery is August 1, 2020 to September 15, 2020. The 23% DDG cake made in our Ainsworth mill is a 23% protein, 5% fat and 15% fiber. The suggested feeding rate is 1-4lbs per head per day and should be fed with pasture or hay, a quality mineral, and clean fresh water.

Cubes, otherwise known as cake, are a great way to supplement cows during the winter months. Protein is required in the rumen to digest available forage. Cows have different nutritional needs during gestation, but they always need protein. And younger cows that are still growing will require more protein. The cubes produced in our Ainsworth mill are round, and hold together nicely, making it easy for cattlemen to feed the product in pastures on grass or bare ground, if needed. We can also make custom formulas with vitamins, trace minerals, or ionophores.

Besides the Cake Blitz, we are also seeing some producers wean calves earlier than normal due to dry pasture conditions. We would encourage producers to visit with us about our weaning programs. We offer self-fed and bunk rations to get those weaned calves eating right away and off to a great start. Additionally, our sales team can take your hay samples and sent them off to the lab for quick nutrient analysis. These results help us determine a feed and mineral program that is best suited for your herd. Call your local CVA feed sales specialist, CVA feed location, or visit us HERE for more information.

by Brandi Salestrom, CVA Feed Sales Manager
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