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Soil Structure and Formation

August 26, 2020

8.27.20 | Soil Structure and Formation from Central Valley Ag on Vimeo.

This week we are back in the root pit with Mike Petersen, Lead Scientist at Orthman Manufacturing, Inc. Mike Goedeken also joined us. Typically, we use a shovel or spade to dig up a plant to look at a shallow compaction issue. It's very interesting to take it a step further and get into a 4 to 5 foot deep pit in a field to get an in-depth view. Doing this, we get to see those different soil layers and how a plant's roots develop, and the depth they can reach in the soil.
In the pit, we saw how roots could rapidly follow worm tunnels deep into the soil and reach depths of 4 to 5 feet. We even saw the mixing activity of worms and ran across a nightcrawler 4 feet deep. We saw how compaction layers could cause roots to grow horizontally and not access water and nutrients just below them. We saw how soil colors change as we move from upper layers with more organic matter and soil biology to layers with more clay and mineral accumulation and less organic matter.  
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