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Filling Your Days with Learning

January 10, 2019

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Road Trip – Filling Your Days with Learning

Well, it looks like my winter hiatus is over, so it's time to get back into the swing of writing. As we begin 2019, we will pick back up our conversation about Nitrogen, application methods, and timing in a few weeks. The reason I am doing this is that January is a busy month for the Advanced Cropping System team here at CVA. Not only do we get the opportunity to see and visit with many of you at the multitude of farm shows that fill the calendar in January, but we also get to spend a considerable amount of time focusing on my favorite topic. Of course, I am talking about planters.

The reason that January is one of the most key times of the year to talk about planters is that our partners at Precision Planting have a huge focus on planters this month. In fact, next week, Precision Planting will be holding their Winter Conference event in Tremont Illinois on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. But the beauty of the Winter Conference is that you don’t have to travel all the way to Illinois to take it in. The event is also simulcast live at eight other locations across North America, and a couple of them are right here in our backyard. On the 16th or 17th, you can attend the live simulcast event in Lincoln, NE at the Nebraska Innovation Center at the Innovation Campus, or, for those of you in Western Iowa, the Iowa State Center Scheman Building in Ames might be your closer venue.

But what is Precision Planting winter conference you might ask? Well, first of all, I can tell you what it is not. It is not just a day where a Manufacturer talks about their products and widgets, and why you should buy them. Instead, it is a day of learning, focusing on Agronomics, research, and perhaps most importantly, challenging those of us in the field to think about how we are growing crops from a different perspective.

And perhaps one of the most important aspects of this day is how you will be receiving information. This isn’t just a day of salesmen leading you through long PowerPoint demonstrations. It's a day where you get to hear things straight from the mouth of the Precision Planting engineers, Lead Research Agronomists, and more. And they will be presenting live in front of working demonstrations a lot of the time. We aren’t afraid of planting in January during this event.

This year winter conference is a full day, with welcoming remarks starting at 8:00 AM. Before lunch we will be “Closing” in on Emergence, Rethinking Fertility, and Managing the Furrow at the Field. After lunch, it is a continuing discussion about “Smart” ways to manage variability in the field, and finally, going over 200 acres of plot results from the Planter Technology Institute this last year. During all of this, you will have chances from your seat in Lincoln or Ames to ask questions live. All of this, and we should still have you out by 3:00 PM so you can be back in time for your family activities that night.

The final piece of good news about all of this is that it is totally free for you to go to.

To register for this event click here:

Choose the location and day you want to go, and you are set.

I have challenged you in the past to “Always Be Learning,” and this is a premium opportunity for you. In my entire career as an Agronomist, I don’t believe I have met a total of three people that are entirely happy with their planter. Even if you have no intentions of spending a dime on your planter this year, I know that you will get something useful and actionable out of the day for your operation. And for those of you that are still considering investing in your planter this year, this is a great way to learn some key lessons before we go to the field, because spring planting is just over three months away.  Who knows, you might even be the first to see some new technology that could help your operation.

By Keith Byerly


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