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CVA offers bulk oil and DEF delivery

March 31, 2021

One service that Central Valley Ag is proud to offer is bulk oil and DEF delivery.  Central Valley Ag can offer this service throughout our trade territory.  In most cases, we can also drop off packaged oil and greases while delivering bulk oil and DEF.  If a customer currently has bulk oil or DEF totes, they can call their local CVA Energy office to schedule a delivery.  Depending on the urgency of this delivery, they will either be placed on the regular scheduled route at no charge, or an unscheduled delivery could occur for a small delivery fee.

If a customer does not have bulk oil or DEF storage, they can contact their local CVA Energy office and they will be put in contact with an energy specialist to discuss the best way to serve the customer’s needs.  The energy specialist will help the customer pick the right products and based on their yearly usage, make a  recommendation of what equipment will best fit their operation. Once a plan has been established, we will order the equipment and help the customer get it set up for use.  After the equipment has been setup and filled and the customer starts to get low on product, all they need to do is either contact their energy specialist or their local CVA Energy office to schedule a delivery.

We have many different types and sizes of equipment available.  Our bulk lubricant and DEF equipment can be as simple as a gravity drain tote and as complex as remote mounted hose reels and pumps with auto-shut off handles and meters.  There are also different purchase options available. Depending on the amounts of products used, we can offer a low-cost lease with no upfront cost.  If the customer would prefer to purchase the equipment, we can also help facilitate this. We work with different vendors to ensure that we are getting the best equipment for lowest prices.

Bulk oil and DEF is the easiest and most economical route to go.  CVA carries a large selection of bulk lubricant products in addition to a vast range of packaged products.  We are sure to have what you need.  It you are not quite sure what your piece of equipment uses, we can also use various tools to find the product that meets the manufacturer's specifications. 

If you would like to see how Central Valley Ag can best serve your operation, contact your local CVA Energy office  or call 1-844-327-6929 and they will get you in contact with a Certified Energy Specialist in your area.

by Chris Clingman, Lubricants/Energy Service 
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