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Bulk Oil

September 16, 2020

As producers and commercial customers grow, an option that Central Valley Ag can offer is bulk oil and bulk oil dispensing equipment.  Central Valley Ag has many different bulk oil products available for delivery on our regular routes.  This can provide a significant cost savings to the customer over the price of package oil.   In addition to saving money by using bulk oil, the customer does not need to worry about the hassle of disposing of oil containers and the space it takes to keep packaged oil on hand.  I can also say from personal experience, no having to handle drums of oil, is a huge bonus.

Central Valley Ag deals with many different vendors of bulk oil dispensing equipment, which helps us provide many different options.  This help us make sure we are getting the right equipment to best suit the customer’s needs.  An important thing we look at, is container size.  We want to be sure that we are providing the optimal size to best service the customer on the route, but not to big that they will not be able to use the bulk oil in a timely manner.  All our totes are stackable, allowing the customer the option of multiple products.  Each tote comes with a self-closing valve and a drip tray to mitigate leaks and spills.  For the higher volume customers, oil pumps, hoses reels and meters could be an option that they choose to use.

Any equipment that is available can be purchased by the customer if they choose to own the equipment.  This can be a significant investment, especially if there are oil pumps, hose reels and meters involved.  Another option that Central Valley Ag offers, is an equipment lease program.  Depending on the type of set up, the customer can sign a lease, agreeing to purchase oil from Central Valley Ag and we will provide the equipment.  This does require that the customer use a minimum amount of product per year, but it allows the customer to start using bulk oils without a large investment in equipment.  We do require that a minimum of 200 gallons of product be used to qualify for the lease program. 

Once a customer has decided to switch to bulk oil, members of the Energy team will install the bulk oil equipment and meet with customer to show them how it works.  One of our bulk oil trucks will fill the tote and document all the information needed to record directions and GPS coordinates to the tanks.  When the customer gets low on product, they can give one of our Central Valley Ag Energy locations a call, and we will have the truck stop the next time it is scheduled in their area.  We also have the option available, to send the customer a text message each month reminding them the week that we will be delivering in their area.

If a current or new customer would like more information on bulk oil or the options that are available for equipment, they can call any of our Central Valley Ag Energy offices and be put in touch with one of our knowledgable people.

by Chris Clingman
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