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CVA Elgin Obtains Perfect Score During HACCP Recertification

Mar 14, 2018

(Elgin, NE) – Central Valley Ag (CVA) feed mill in Elgin Nebraska recently went through their annual HACCP recertification inspection and received a perfect score of 100 percent. This year marks the third audit that the Elgin location has undergone to obtain their HACCP certification. “In the beginning, they were scoring in the high 99 percentile, but this year was a solid 100,” said Abby Simonsen, CVA HACCP Coordinator.

HACCP certification is a program implemented to ensure the quality of feed and safety at the mills. It is up to CVA to develop a solid plan that meets the requirements, and then an auditor comes to review the locations process. The audit program looks to make sure procedures meet the Feed Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements by the FDA. HACCP auditors choose 3-4 days out of the last 8-12 months and review production records for that day to ensure that the location is implementing the plan the right way. “They look at everything we are doing at a location; receiving trucks, unloading trucks, mixing feed, finished products, and drug reconciliation,” said Simonsen. “It’s all about quality and safety of the product we are delivering to our customers.”

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Validus, the company who performs these audits, informed Simonsen that scoring a 100 percent is unique and is something they don’t see very often. The Elgin location should be incredibly proud of obtaining this perfect score.

“We wanted to celebrate this location because it is the first one of our mills to get 100% on an audit. We have somebody come in from the outside to audit us, so it’s great to hear what a great job this location is doing from outside of CVA. Martin Wid and his crew, they just do a wonderful job. I can write the best plan ever, but that doesn’t mean anything unless people are living it and breathing it every day and making it happen. And that’s what happens here in Elgin.”

Robert Turek, CVA SVP of Feed, “There aren’t very many outfits that have a HACCP certification, and to score a perfect 100 is a big deal. I can’t compliment the Elgin location enough for the great job that they are doing to ensure quality products. This location is a big source of pride for CVA and the CVA feed division.”

Six of Central Valley Ag’s feed mills are currently HACCP certified.

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Elgin Feed Mill employees gather to celebrate their perfect score after their recent HACCP inspection. Brad Thieman, Ron Scholl, Verona Henn, Dan McElhaney, Steve Bottorf, Gary Dreger, Bernie Prososki and Martin Wid. Abby Simonsen, Ted Beckner, Robert Turek and Morris Volquarsen visited the location to congratulate the team on March 2, 2018.

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